About Allana Amiran, Lead Event Planner

Lead Wedding & Event Coordinator

Allana’s career began as an international business consultant where she managed multi-million dollar accounts across the region of Latin America. Traveling, learning about different cultures, and speaking a new language was truly invigorating. It was here that Allana developed her organizational savvy and discovered her passion for turning creative ideas into experiences. With a gift for planning and strategizing, living a continent away, she successfully curated every last detail of her own wedding. Allana admits that while she thoroughly enjoyed preparing for, and orchestrating the biggest event of her life, looking back, she should have taken into consideration the ongoing demands of her job and enlisted a wedding planner; someone to carry the load and ease the stress while being present to execute the details on the day of. Fast forward ten years later, Allana now shares her own experience when meeting with brides by listening intently, formulating design concepts, capturing their vision, and bringing it to life. She identifies with the heavy workload that many women carry and feels that today’s bride should expect nothing less than the best when enlisting the help of a professional planner. Allana brings to the table a strong work ethic, gift of management and negotiation, and a love for interacting with people, she is always striving to surpass the expectations of her clients. Allana says that she became a wedding planner to help other brides realize that the memories of their day are more important than trying to handle every last detail by themselves. Her greatest sense of accomplishment comes throughout the wedding day, as she sees the joy on a brides face as she takes her vows, raises her glass for a toast and dances the night away.

When you plan your initial consultation with Allana, you will come to learn that she is flexible, accommodating, detail-oriented, and willing to make sure that what you have in mind, is what you will celebrate on your very special day.

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